Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reflections on Step-Parenting

You know when people set out to be parents they have nine months to prepare for a new little one. They read all the books, ask questions to those who (or is it whom? that is one grammatical item I cant seem to grasp) have gone before them, and make room in their hearts and home for baby. I suppose a woman we plan way more ahead than nine months, most of us start those plans when we young... 5,6,or7. I know I did and in my head from that time on it has been "baby"... but I find myself in a different scenario that what I imagined as a little girl. I only had about 4 months to prepare for "little ones" and they are not babies (even if they act like it from time to time :)) And there are two of them. Sure they cry, and fuss, make a mess, they also laugh, and hug, and ask for help. So I am also realizing that these two precious children have come into my life and a lot of who they are is already formed and my hope is that I have some influence on who they become. We have experienced some growing pains and I believe it has been a learning curve for everyone involved. I just find myself some days sitting back in the wonder of it all. I am not a person who is fond of the word "step" anything... child, sister, brother, parent. But that is indeed what I am. It doesn't make me any less of a parent, or any less of a mom nor does it change the way I feel about my kids. I couldn't love them anymore than if they had been mine from birth. So it might not be as I had planned to be a mom but thank goodness God had other plans. And He is teaching me patience and grace and showing me that the heart of a child is pure love. Sure they don't always do loving things but I am finding a much greater appreciation for parents and step parents alike. Some days I still feel a bit inadequate but I am sure than any parent has felt that from time to time. I can only pray that the kids know how much they are loved, that my actions and words be building block in their self-esteem, character, and walk with the Lord, and as the days, months and years pass by our relationships only grow stronger.

"Lord I thank-you for this wonderful and awesome opportunity to be a part of Nathanael and Macaela's life. I know that their precious little hearts are in my hands for safe keeping. Help me be strong when I am weak, help me be patient when I am at my end, help me to love when they are unlovable, help me to see humor in the little things, and help them to see You in all that I do. I thank you for bringing them into my life and fulfilling a dream of motherhood. In Jesus name, Amen"

So to all you parents out there... Love on your kids today for they are a gift from God.

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  1. We use the term bonus in our house. I have a bonus son and he has a bonuc mom. ;)