Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhogs Day

I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to get the little guy out with all the bad weather in the North East but I read this morning they did and he predicted an early spring. I am sure that makes a lot of people happy in many parts of the country :). Funny how we cling to superstition... although he can probably predict it as well as our weather men can. g

Well the wind has finally died down, still cold but not as cold. The sun is out this morning and skies are clear and blue. If it's not too cold I am going for a walk later today. There is a building on the next street over that I am dying to explore. It says no trespassing but it is an amazing old relic. I will get some pics of it and post them. The museum here in town isn't open during the winter months but when it is open I am going to do some research on that old place. It is right on the railroad tracks so I wonder if back in the day this was a stop for travelers. So many buildings here are abandoned, left to sit empty and  fade away into oblivion. I am told that someone in California owns most of the down town buildings. It is a shame to see it left in such a manner. I don't know if people around here are just so used to it or maybe there is nothing that can be done. Except for the 300 some odd people that live here it is practically a ghost town. Winter months make it feel like that even more I am sure.

The greatest part about living here other than being with the love of my life. Is we are surrounded by mountains. I am in awe of their majestic display. My camera doesn't quite capture their grandeur. If I could paint or draw I could never do them justice. It is beautiful here despite the small town stigma. Newcomers have a hard time fitting. I am thankful I have Chris. We are such good friends that I do not feel lonely.


  1. I hope you get out and take a walk. It's good to get your Vitamin D. I'd love to see pictures of the old buildings there.

  2. Um..I tried posting a comment on your start of your blog. I didn't know that I was to sign in w/my google account. sorry.

  3. Hmmm, sounds like Wasco! And yes, you get used to the empty buildings downtown. But, I've never known it any other way, so I guess that's why I am used to it. I can't wait to see your pictures!