Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Shaped Turkey Burgers...

Nothing says Happy Valentines than my husbands favorite food in a heart shape no less. He was thrilled, bless his heart. I told him it needed to be our new tradition. He said "What have turkey burgers every Monday?" LOL Yeah Baby that is exactly what I meant. :) He then told it was the best heart sandwich he had ever had... probably the only heart sandwich he has ever had but still the best.

He sent me the sweetest text today... made me cry. Now you have to understand something. He is not a texter and when he does text it is short and to the point. But today's was special, today's was better that chocolate or flowers, today's spoke to the core of my being. So at 4:43 this is what I got from my Valentine. "Do you remember our first kiss? I do and that is what I am thinking about right now." I wote back and said I could never in a million years forget it!"